Are you tired of working with bad "Web People"?
  • Your web designer never gets back to you
  • Your web designer scammed you in the past
  • Your web designer never meets deadlines
  • Expectations are unclear and you receive no support
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100% Satisfaction rating and process oriented San Diego web design

Pixel Me Pink web design has been serving clients in the San Diego area for years and has yet to have an unsatisfied client, to date.

Not many web designers can say this, if any, and we believe the reason for it is because of a lack of setting honest expectations up front and because of a lack of proper step by step systems of development.

Technically anyone can build a website, but not everyone is honest, great at communicating, dependable, or frankly, good at operating a business.

We are proud of the fact that we do not just take on any client willing to pay us and believe that predefined step by step processes of development, lots of communication and being honest about expectations are the key ingredients that are needed to be successful on any project. Work with a San Diego web design company who not only has a "nice portfolio" but can also deliver on the expected results, every time.